Part 1: Understanding Miru: An Introduction

In Japanese, “miru” means “to see.” However, this seemingly simple word encompasses a much deeper concept than merely perceiving with our eyes. Miru invites us to observe, analyze, and perceive the world around us in a more profound and mindful manner. Art has long been a platform for exploring miru, where artists seek to capture the essence of their subjects and present them from different perspectives, inviting viewers to dive into a world of visual wonders.

Part 2: Perception as a Tool of Creation

Perception forms the foundation of visual art. Artists use their unique perspectives to translate reality onto canvas or through the camera lens. Through the exploration of miru, artists open doors for viewers to encounter new ways of seeing. They present familiar objects or scenes from unconventional angles, provoking deeper thoughts and allowing us to appreciate the unnoticed details of our surroundings.

Part 3: The Intersection of Miru and Mindfulness

Miru and mindfulness go hand in hand, as both emphasize being present in the moment. When observing art through miru, we are encouraged to slow down, embrace the present, and engage with artwork holistically. By immersing ourselves in the intricacies of colors, textures, and compositions, we can experience a heightened state of awareness and foster a deeper connection with the artwork and the world it represents.

Part 4: Embarking on a Miru Journey

To embark on a miru journey of your own, start by selecting a piece of art that resonates with you. Find a quiet space and take a few deep breaths to center your mind. Allow your eyes to gently wander around the artwork, noticing the interplay of shapes, lines, and colors. Take your time to absorb all the details, allowing your mind to form its own interpretations. As you delve deeper into the artwork, notice how it makes you feel and what emotions it evokes within you. Reflect on the nuances of the artist’s choices and contemplate the story the art is trying to tell.

By embracing miru, we can not only elevate our appreciation for art but also cultivate a new outlook on the world around us. Through the lens of mindful observation and artistic expression, miru unveils a hidden universe of details, meanings, and perspectives that invite us to see with a fresh perspective and connect with the limitless beauty that surrounds us.