In our fast-paced lives, we often forget to truly see and understand the world that surrounds us. However, the Japanese concept of “miru” invites us to awaken our senses and engage in the art of seeing. It goes beyond a mere glance, encouraging us to observe, perceive, and grasp the essence of our surroundings.

Through miru, we develop an enhanced awareness, noticing the intricate details and hidden beauty that we otherwise overlook. It allows us to notice the play of shadows, the vibrant colors, and the delicate subtleties of life. By sharpening our perception, we gain insight and a deeper understanding of the world.

Practicing miru not only enriches our experience of the present moment, but it also nurtures our creativity and opens our minds to new perspectives. By training ourselves to truly see, we learn to appreciate the simple joys that exist in the ordinary.

So, let us embrace the art of miru and embark on a journey of heightened observation, awareness, and self-discovery. By doing so, we unlock the doors to a world brimming with hidden wonders, awaiting our acknowledgement. Let us see the world through new eyes and explore the endless possibilities of miru.#3#